… but it was. OK is somehow each day as weekend in parental leave. However, I've already found, that I so much had made, but somehow permanently suffer from my lack of time. I mean, clearly yes do not use the parental leave as vacation, I have even as standard as much as possible to take care of the children gave me me.

There, too, I must admit but honestly that I can start just not so much with the little ones. Is Yes somehow also logically, comes not so much feedback and I breastfeed Yes also not 😉 can
But I'm increasingly with Timo lately. A a swimming course (here called pinball course). We men go every Saturday before the lunch in there. Makes me really fun and I think I could connect Timo, because he was somewhat irritated that he play not only in the water for the first hour or ' can have a watering can, but must do so funny exercises. As we have told, that there is a patch in the Dolphin form at the end of the course, the ambition has probably packed it. 🙂

But back to the weekend… It was very relaxing, because the in-laws to visit and thus ever "occupy a child tini and I" could have. As a reward I then a little on the grill "made" 😉

The fact is that Timo can do more and more with Grandma and Grandpa. Is again quite logical, he can tell now too much more. Even now, communication is basis of all relationships (also applies to romantic relationships, if it was not yet known ;-)). In any case, it is always a little so that the melancholy grabs us after such a weekend. Especially for the children it would be just super, if not hundreds of kilometres far away lived grandmas and grandpas. If they could just say: "I come in an hour to the play with the guys over". The biggest problem, is my opinion that none of us is younger and is actually already planned that grandmas and grandpas at some point no longer can take the "distance" to but after. When I think about it, I'm really getting pretty sentimental.

This is probably because I had only a few Großelten or could meet. The fact that my children have all grandparents, let's see this but also only once every few months is really chilling. Clearly one could say now, jo then go but just even over…

That's right, and we do that also. However, this is time significantly more complicated and kraftraubender with 2 children and 2 working adults. 🙂

So I still have not found a proper solution for this mess, but I hope that I eventually you have a good idea. The fact is that the kids need their grandparents now, and not only with 12 or 15 (then who will have more: experience has shown that even not in the mood to grandparents). You realize how important and great grandparents are actually only if even slightly "matured" and own grandparents are no longer there. 🙁


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