Yes, how time flies. I have just browsed in the archives and found that I blogged had nothing at all to the wedding day in the last 2 years. OK, we had also always at least a whirlwind around us. Now that this has received reinforcements, we are more relaxed and learned to take time for us. 😉

Then 3 years ago the whole thing looked so: 1. Wedding day

There was probably something with football or so 🙂

Today, we have made our day relaxing. Not until we eat to celebrate of the day and then we went to the Bloggertreffen. The most bloggers was originally called Mommy CafĂ©. But the fact that tini here also in my blog "around has meddled", I was allowed to arrive with the entire family 😉

It was definitely fun, Matt between a bunch of chattering women together with hyperuniverse and nagging children. No, it wasn't quite so bad then, your men had also brought some Mamas and the one or the other discussion has arisen already. Overall a fun event and at this point directly again a thank you to the RÖMER Britax staff, have prepared the meeting and organized.

After the meeting, have we done to us then good back in traffic back home, and have arrived with a hungry and a sleeping child. Then also quickly made the obligatory photo:


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