Today, I join the blog parade started by Christine.  She thought about what would make them with each €1000, €10,000 or € 100,000. And since you actually too rarely dream I have made me so my thoughts and dreamed of there before me. Was by the way quite hard because I hardly what to want for birthdays and Christmas and when, then that is not "schenkbar" (health, time, etc.).

A few things have invaded then me, if this money were suddenly to spend it directly with the condition:


  • a Canon 100mm, 2.8 macro lens (approx. €500)
  • one day even be (about pilot €300)
  • a new video card, so that battlefield 4 in the autumn of 2013 runs properly (approx. €200)


  • everything is less than €1000
  • a trip with the whole family to Hawaii (approx. €9000)


€ 100,000:

  • all of the above points (11,000)
  • Pilot's license (€40,000), because I wanted to be actually getting pilot, but that never arose, the fascination of flying is but always still there 🙂
  • new car (with 4 doors and air conditioning) (CA. €20.000)
  • another year more parents time when the guys are a little older, so with 3 and 6 for a year (€30,000)

As you see, all absolute "luxury wishes" it was nothing really "useful" but yes to dream something. You have dreams, and yes which? Makes it easy with at the Carnival or writes in the comments below. I'm curious about. 😉

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