In your blog, my wife about your fear of dogs. And the anger, how ignorant some dog owners list. Now I no let it infect me, not with fear, that creates no dog of the world. No, I also pissed off, if I see a unangeleinten dog, because I know how my wife suffers in this moment.
I'm trying to push the dog off always with specific occurrence. Of course, this works only in the rarest of cases. What is really mad me when you see how many of the critters on playgrounds to take a shit. Since the dog can do anything for it, but I think you should order the dog owner to have always a corresponding bag in. And who can't do that, or is too fine to do this, the dog is taken away.
Other species must you also "help" that they do not perish in their own shit (see z. B. Guinea pig), why dogs then this is free? I think this is not right and the party, which wants to change this, sure 😉 has my vote

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