Well, actually more of June, but it rhymes with Yes not so special. The fact is, with the domain here, I changed my provider. As this happens only in the background, it's probably not so interesting.

The real innovation is the following: we have us wondering (TINI and I) that we want to admit children to more privacy on the Internet. The blog here has evolved over the years and thematically often move in different directions. As the basic tenor, but it was always my "life". That only belong to my wife, then the kids to my life was of course for me and therefore I've written here so much about it and also pictures, etc. of them "presents". Actually wanted to we uploaded so you keep relatives, because these lives known to be not just "around the corner" (precisely for this reason I started at that time before our trip to Hawaii with blogging), and have therefore also neatly images and texts, also of the children.

We are probably sometime come anyway in order to explain the great, why there is nude photos on the Internet of him. And because I want to do that twice, there is now a separate channel, which contains more images and is protected for the relationship. The URL is http://timatimi.wordpress.com and you must register to see anything there.

I therefore naturally does not exclude, that here also continue to topics related to my paternity arise, on the contrary, that will probably also a focal point in this blog. However, only images are shown, which would contain no children or really go through a portrait. 😉

What would be the next keyword: the second pillar will be portraits, photography in General. To do this there will be but an own subdomain (I imagine something like "fotos.matteslife.de") in the then some of my "works" will appear. If it somehow allows the time I want to shoot something more that again. The last sessions have been really fun.

My views and opinions on specific current topics will be the third theme of the blog. As a small example: Road – there are actually almost daily things that there really upset me. Recently, for example, I stood behind a retail, because it has stopped because parked cars were on "our" side and from the front was approaching oncoming traffic. While I was waiting for so that it went, shot past a car on me suddenly and drĂ€ngelte between me and transporter (probably he has checked in there first, that we all don't want to Park). Such completely unnecessary danger to others makes me really getting to the Cook. Yes, I admit that I will sometimes also "pragmatically" to endanger anyone but always under the condition. Total, the situation on the streets would be really relaxed, if all times paragraph 1 would abide the highway code and be considerate to others. Respect is a good keyword, you can take the best with the help of the rear-view mirror (in both "Re" remembers your what? ;-)). It would namely immensely helpful if drivers who go on the highway on the left lane, would just take a look at this part before they pull over. Or if they overtake already, then right. How many times I it already I have seen, that trucks were overtaken by large sedans with a speed difference of maximum 10 km/h, and that even though they have definitely seen me in the rearview mirror and noticed that my speed should be but significantly higher than its own. I think if I'd continued superior, I could write whole books and because it simply does not fit into 140 characters on Twitter, I will cut to here topics, which require some more text. 🙂

So that's roughly what I intend with the blog. I hope this announcement will cost me not even the last few readers 😉


Stay tuned!

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