Even though the holidays just gone, the parental leave takes Yes a little. And the weather is really yet still summery. Really good prospects for the next few days so. 🙂
This morning I was in the swimming pool, with Timo that were fun for 4 hours.
Still, Timo has again short phases where he really 'turns off'. He gets then always as a dogged face and bites the teeth together so strongly that they grind. I think if he knows how to do, it would hurt really us in those moments. I am however convinced that is rather the lack of capacity of expression. I believe and I may be wrong here, that he is so glad that he cannot describe it in words and then looking for a valve. One reads Yes again and again, that lack of vocabulary to bite, etc. leads.
If I keep this in mind, I can better deal with these 'attacks', I've found.
Well I'm still "Dad" and still learn like my sons. That the beautiful is fun to be dad, if you have talent, you learn together, and that's why it makes every day again. (ok, the weather's playing a small role in ;-)))

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