This should be really new record of inactivity, I'd say time. Well, so much new there is no yes also. At the moment, life passed me like an ICE through the Wolfsburg station racing. With 2 children just to get to nothing more, I feel. On the other hand it's really frightening Mika now is how big. Now pull up on all possible subjects and overturning it from time to time. Perhaps this is also the reason why it seems to me, the time would rush, you have with children at the age just no rest longer, because the sound of head on laminate or tile is just really nasty, not to mention the following cries.

Now we have successfully converted him to the bottle. However, he teases them (and us) for perceived months with the upcoming canines. The guys seem to have also somehow to deny, because when the little time for once good sleep has the large nightmares or makes pee in the bed again. Be 5 possible hours sleep, you could get 2 x 2, 5 🙂

Otherwise, I am occasionally still in ingress go. My activity has decreased due to the sleeping situation but quite. I enjoy now always the weekends when I can go for a walk with Mika. He's sleeping then beautifully and I can play a little. 😉

Let's see if me next time some better themes invade, the post office here, was actually called "Hey me there" only thought. 😉

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