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Contribution of special forces command.

There, a young widow writes how much she thanks the comrades with whom had nothing to do before the death of her husband at all, and who were there to support them. Sounds only once already sad enough, but if you read further, you can learn that the fallen leaves have 2 small children. And exactly at the point the head cinema started with me.

You know that, to make before, you would be in the same situation, with the people affected feel with and tried to come into it in the pain, the sadness, the anger. And exactly what happened to me. I'm wondering how to tell his children that their father as a soldier died at a time when there was no war that makes German participation needed in the. I mean, everything in the world say that the purpose of this mission is? Totally pointless "burnt" money and a huge bloodshed.

Just because allegedly came terrorists out of the country, which then really peed a federated partner's leg? "Class Kanal" for adults? The policy is always the argument that vital reconstruction aid must be made. But let's face it, what building work contributes to because please with ' a gun in your hand? Absolute bullshit. The Afghan people need our support… Yeah, until a few years ago, you knew this country only from the Hollywood movies "Rambo 3" and there was pointed out also, that to the Russians in the country have to crack. I don't think that actively by Afghans was asked whether Germany could support them at home just with military.

My opinion as a club, like the Taliban not abides by, if not too many that sympathize and join. That is, if all occupiers (and the Western armies there are nothing more), and people there let alone, would die not so many people completely pointless. You cannot initiate a revolution from the outside. There has to be all the people behind it. And if you don't want to send the Taliban into the desert, then you get out much less with military contingent.

Me sorry do the children of this fallen soldiers as the mother and wife.

Nothing would think, what makes sense, why a father should die so early.

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