We know that probably everyone: one has "no time" all the time, something is always what it has not done.
That this is not better with children, it was actually clear, especially in the second, I have still more it can. However, I am basically rather optimist, and was hoping for the best.
The fact is, however, and you can see that the frequency of posts here, it is somehow even more stark with 2 children.
And I must say clearly that this feeling to not always under time pressure is caused by the children. Actually it's even fault's plight. I try everything so well it is getting under a hat, work, personal freedom, family and children in particular.
The two children that need attention twice, lights up me now more than ever. Just because even our second child is more ESS-child as a sleeping child. 😀
With what lack of sleep, I sometimes drive to the Office, is not infrequently more than borderline.
But I learned this, that quite time 3-4 bedroom to get off days with only 4 hours (make U boat crews also, with the difference that having vacation then).
I was what is basically no problem now already several times with the boys alone. It resulted in only that my respect for single parents, has grown very.

In addition, we are fortunate that Timo idolizes his brother really. One hears often from evil drama of jealousy between siblings. Of which we have been spared fortunately so far.
Of course the great want in the snuggle just with the one who has the baby on her lap, but clear prompts help here immensely. And oddly small can now also not more to watch if you cuddle time with the great.
Actually this applies primarily to the MOM, a dad is as yet relatively uninteresting 😉

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