Wow, here have I blow away even the dust * cough *…


Forever long nothing written…


But that Yes, this is beautiful on its own blog. To write if you buck it. : D

And time…

And ideas…

Lately, everything was in short supply, but well, this is so well, with 2 children. Since mid-September, both in the kindergarten are now or Kita. We feel the effects currently already rather blatantly. You must keep the big on such a short leash so that he does not completely get over and the little robs us a few hours of sleep every night.

With 1 1/2 years might have been expected even also, that this will be better, because already the most teeth there but nope (the nasty parts but still which are missing)… our child has alternating bouts of Krupp and runny nose. If this continues, I age in the next few years directly 3 x as fast, as usual actually. But it's also "love to". At least all counselors and other parents want to funnel to one. The fact is, I came in recent weeks due to lack of sleep to the limit, I almost do not themselves have detected.

It is then totally motivating, you can focus on the job, because they must pull themselves together so as not to in the Office go to snore loudly, and then picking the kids up, yell just so to get, because they are just done. We must not forget, that as a kindergarten visit with a working day of an adult equivalent is. One of the reasons why I try no later than at 4: 00 to pick up both children (which is no less than relatively sporty).

Then in the evening again sit and work, that last little bit demands really energy one. Luckily, my employer in the design of the times, to which I should work, is very flexible. This makes it easier but a lot of things.

Educationally, we have taken now lately on it that we buy a toy so in between Timo. The crazy thing is that it occurred to him without that we would have said what. He is increasingly frustrated and told me today, for example: "Dad, it makes me no joy at all!" You buy even a toy for me"

The discussion we had in the last few days before, and I don't even new bring a teddy bear, and the then the usual stories of the poor children who have only a single toy. Usually he will go then halfway reasonable, but his ingratitude and desire me more and more, already part on the alarm clock. A real "cure"'s not over as us on the way. Obviously we have tampered with the notion of the value of something.

On the other side, it's super exciting, what interest him so for topics: for example he asked me today if you can greet because even someone without to wave. So that one holds up the hand only.
As I told him that this is basically Yes ok, just that you have to watch in Germany, that one greets anyone right arm with stretched. That has brought us directly to the Nazis (which he incidentally now totally goofy finds :-)) and on the subject of war, this leads to his loose tooth about dying (Yes crass theme jumps, for I was as a child I think well known ;-)).)

And Mika I'm surprised every day on it new, how much he already know. He cannot stop just yet "back communicate". The return channel is disturbed when communicating how we engineers say. Definitely, we will still have fun with him when I already look at his spirit…

Conclusion of the last weeks and months: lack of sleep, much ROAR and a dull, energy technology really going on the gums. 😉

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