I had lost two days ago already a few words about it, Mika keeps us pretty busy. Today tini and I have watched more times in the blog here, as it was at the time when Timo and zack we found directly to the correct article.

This is pretty blatant, because we both are assumed that Timo was much older during the "terrible". If you look at the date of the article but, this is exactly the same almost to the day. 🙂

Times for all those who are now a little on the hose, or not want to read the linked article, here are the short form: Mika sleeps pretty badly (haha, that's nothing new), so far he had brought himself but at least in the evening in the bed, that is since about a week a quite drama. The last evenings we have spent several hours (no exaggeration) shouting at us to leave until he fell asleep then eventually exhausted.

Funnily enough have also both children of same "quirks". Mika can't stand it on death, if you cover him (as long as he is still awake). For Timo that is at times even more so, since the ceiling is away struggling and bitching until it resigned and says, "OK, if it's not too cold, then keep child just as you are" 😀

Today I got the blanket to the NAP Mika until to the belly pulled up and held then in pool height on both sides of the body so that it does not compress it, he never could pull up but also the legs. So he has about 20 min. cried and gezappelt and is (I would say 1-0 Papa) slipped directly from screaming out in deep sleep 🙂

Only I had concerns that the me he resents and then gripe again wakes up, but this was not the case he had after approx. an hour of sleep and was quite normal.

Phew, I'm so reassured that this is just a phase. Then I look forward to the end of the terrible two. 🙂

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