Actually tini and I had thought about so beautifully that: the kids in the day-care centres, and then one day long topics tackle for which you need simply no children nearby. I was yesterday evening so still in the RTL donation Marathon and took donations on the phone, when suddenly the news was, that which has passed the great and I should get but time slowly on the following home path. Once there, I prepared myself then, with Mika to take over the night shift (Yes known to be also really bad sleeps).

Also tini and I talked briefly, she can stay home with a child because it's so their day. So, I've tried just before midnight to take back my holiday and to enter Home Office instead. Since I SAP in General and especially don't trust our solution in the enterprise, I've tried to call HR and look, whether because as worked everything then this morning. At the same time turned out then, that Mika has hand foot-mouth disease. That means 2 sick children. Luckily, I didn't come through with HR and our Secretary called then, how SAP has taken my change request just before the date change. It turned out that even nothing happened and I decided then, to take the vacation day.

A bit of what we did but then still, our guest bathroom includes now ' a medicine cabinet. After each half kitchen cabinet content against me, we have decided to finally join the remedies in the House in a central location. 🙂

By the feeling, me today was definitely all day like Saturday. #TGIF 😉

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