I have here once again long nothing written, the old time problem just… Because I'm sick now, and anyway nothing got to do, I had to think a lot of the time. Not, that I otherwise don't think, but for Christmas the book children of freedom (century trilogy, vol. 3) by my in-laws got (thanks again by the way). Yesterday I read the last of the 1200 pages. Even if the opinions about the book in the reviews are divided, I found it very exciting. Especially since has told the story from 1961 to 2008 and held consequently a great part of my life there.

It is clear that it is a novel, the "real" story is integrated into the narrative, and therefore probably some things are not 100 percent. But in most cases there was still 'Aha' experience, because flared up blurry memories from history and personal experience.

On the other hand, one learns to still have some things. And it runs me personally always cold down the back, when I am thinking of the Cuba crisis. The world was so close there from complete extinction, it can be a little in words. If only one of the parties involved there would have lost their nerve, then it wasn't for us all now.

And misfortune threatens Yes part again. If you look at, what happened in the Ukraine, then you wonder what sit back for politicians in the Kremlin. Is it same hardliners, who support the idea of Chrutschtschows at that time, to bring nuclear weapons to Cuba? Or take a very different course? Which overlooks nobody really, in my opinion. And especially this is true not only for Russia, but for all countries.

When it started actually, that policy as far as the people happens itself away? During GDR times, the regime was untouchable. Decisions were taken out, because you would otherwise have a lot of trouble.

Nowadays, one can criticize the Government, until the doctor comes, but Aboud change is felt. The pirates had good approaches, which were but obviously also impractical (liquid feedback, etc.).

Basically it feels to me like "the upstairs", so policy should not feel but actually. To select but to have an agent representing my interests at a "higher level" (which by the way didn't "better pay level" but "more abstract level" means). And I think that's where it will be difficult, because there are probably too many different interests, which simply cannot be put under a hat. And if that then locally already doesn't work, how complex must that be then Europe or worldwide?

After reading the trilogy by Ken Follett, I have imagined what it would be like if someone were writing about our time in 100 years. There were the drivers of history always great upheavals, revolutions, and taboo breaks in all 3 sections. Just what taboos are there today? OK, the equality between men and women is still not balanced, women earn often less than men in the same position. Also the equality of the races in the United States is not yet so, as many of the civil rights activist have imagined it. There's so yet more to do, but right heavyweights of injustice are probably barely even in the Western world.

If you look but in emerging countries and third world countries, that looks quite different. Perhaps these are Yes the great upheavals of the next generation. The question then is, how much are we okay Yes that must submit to help these people. And we are ready to give this up? It is clear, a (probably unknown) price will need to be paid and I don't mean, to access the pitiful attempts of the last decades, the countries under the arms.

The devout countries in which Islam is the law, have still a long journey, even close to get to the level of equality, what has been achieved here. Clearly, there are always people who say, equality between men and women exists only on the sheet, virtually nothing has been achieved. I recommend which expressly to read these books, because what already is there shown, everything has been achieved, and above all, what was the price of this. I'm definitely glad to live in the present time, because at that time still too much arbitrariness, what the equality and freedom prevailed.

As a man, you have probably also good talk, but when I look at my microcosm "Family" times, it is so, that we are on an equal footing. We have resolved only from the front in, where our strengths and weaknesses are, and complement each other according to. Yes it does not mean that the woman must then necessarily make all "Männersachen". But she must have the choice.
The same applies of course also for the man, otherwise it would be no equality also at this point. 😉

Of course, as written above, this applies to our microcosm. That is completely different world's seen something. It is clear to me. My basic attitude toward the current world policy is actually quite simple: If can leave me all alone, and I take care of my family, the rest doesn't matter to me. Well quite regardless of course also again, because I want that's so fine my children in the future, such as in the moment. And if trappings is all in ruins, it is relatively difficult or impossible.

But what can you do? Go on the road? Join the silly rat catchers by Pegida? (definitely not, if someone with irony can do anything..) I have nothing against Islam, not against Christianity or Judaism, and certainly not against Buddhism or Hinduism. To believe everyone on the stories it finds most tollsten. I do not care. It is funny when religions prohibit other religions. That's just crap. Clear is also understandable somehow, it's like in football, as the Schalke also says that Dortmund is stupid. He formulated that Nice is no problem Yes in principle, but you can see on the hooligans or Ultras, or whatever this sport now call themselves the "extremists", what can it be…

The same happened also just to Islam. There are millions of Muslims in the world, probably something like thinking, as I do, "if it goes well my family, then it fits already". But since coming a few "Islam hooligans" around the corner, make a mistake, which literally stinks to heaven, and already no one goes more to the football. No wrong, all Muslims are the "enemy". Is but completely crazy to think this way.

On the other hand, I had an experience which made me really angry last week. I was in the supermarket shopping (after 20: 00, because kids put to bed, you know that Yes) and at once invaded relatively loud voices in my ear. I looked down the aisles and saw Turkish families 1-2 (I don't know whether it really were Turks, so I'm not sure linguistically, what Turkish) stood together and have yelled at. In between a few employees of the supermarket. So, I thought that the situation is ugly but already "under control". In the further course of the entertainment was getting louder, and when I was at the checkout, the whole bunch on the entrance came to. Employees called: "Sort this out please", somebody exclaimed: "The police are on their way". Well anyway, then as a young kid has missed one the an older employee. Then, undressed the jacket therefore to indicate that he is prepared for a fight. The half portion was however held back by 3 women and as I straightened up again after the signature on the sales slip the "cops" were there and the young man in handcuffs.

What I have reconstructed from the scraps of conversation, I stayed on the half portion probably beaten a woman (for unknown reasons), which even I seen the cash with her bloody nose then another man held well him and that then led to the trouble.

Furious the following has made me: 1. 2 not beats women man (the rule everyone should know). Because of such incidents, and such behavior, the Nazis in Germany are full again on the rise and just that we all should avoid.

I don't know why many of the young people with an immigrant background appear so aggressively. I can be there only guesses. When I look at our smallest is how aggressive and ausrastend, when he wants something, we don't understand him but, then I can imagine that the behavior can be transferred. Who speaks no German, will have difficult in Germany. This is a relatively difficult circuit: the school grades are poor, so studying becomes more difficult or impossible and becomes then difficult to get himself an education. When you then perhaps realized that one has no good opportunities in life, it is aggressive and wants it "let it out". Probably I'm here way too simple that. The problem is definitely more complex but easy to say: all foreigners are aggressive and take the jobs away is Yes also not just profound 😉

Your opinion would be interested in any case time (if anyone here ever read :-))

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