Yesterday we had our first parents talk in Mika's Kita. Timo, we were at that time quite excited, now the second child is so generally approved. Still, it was exciting to hear how our little sunshine (and Yes, by day he is really) so doing.

The overall tenor was that all is well. That was ever nice to hear. There were a few shortcomings but nevertheless, but actually nothing dramatic. Our child dreams just like to be, where it seemed to me much starker when Timo and with him is that so today. Krass, I find it that Mika learns things and converts, which we at home actually almost didn't get. So he dressed myself a few things or trying to be very ambitious. He there already as far as that is not personally yet, I noticed, because if we start must be always Flash, so I always put him on.

The Mika super like paints and could do this for hours on end, we at home sometimes noticed. And as he plays the other clown, we could imagine even figuratively, because he does that at home with Timo very often. This is already very funny. In any case, Mika is linguistically not so far like Timo in the same age, but that he can do things, he has only once seen. The language will still develop in any case, after all, we are now in a vocabulary of estimated 10 words arrived, including such important as "Tractor", "blue" (;-)) and "Water" :))

He can communicate but probably still with other children (I checked for safety's sake, but he uses the fists not ;-)). Basically we have but with two kids again fun, there were times with disease now and they have annoyed poor sleep phases, in which only, but that seems to be over now for the time being.

Timo plays now catch how crazy can always UN with me and Mika (after which he has stuck out my tongue and turned sedately).

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