And sometimes truly bizarre. To handle it, not how many people are too stupid to compare the numbers of seats and the car with those on their ticket.
Should be actually not so hard. Basically I would trust that our 5-year-old major. But here on the train, during a 2-hour drive at least 10 adults failed by my count.
OK, a little difficult conditions there, because some passengers have apparently no book and play "Journey to Jerusalem" at every stop, only that here the music is, but stunned pensioners before the allocated seats are available and call "We have reserved!" 😉

I have, because I no longer went by train time installed app Lok-In, so you should be able with his passengers on the train to chat. Only stupid, that even here in the ICE no user can be found and that the reception is still bad to cave. Thus, one can draw the conclusion ever: nice thought, poorly made.

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