Better late than never, I and also equality is so important thing think. Hence for you here again all the best to your 2nd birthday! Two years we are already "double parent" and Yes, it is really exhausting. When you came to the world for 2 years ago, I was even sent home. There emerged more or less already, how little time to sleep you let us 😉

And that was really the case until recently, now you Yes, better sleep and wake up this early. But even that will be sometime over and I already suspect that we again can sleep in a few years, if you're of at night. : D

But is to meet friends in particular also exhausting. I somehow always feel bad when I play with Timo or me entertain with him, that you could feel set back. This extremely strikes me when I see how much you can play "alone". That was significantly less at your brother. Nevertheless, we try to make it right for both of you as parents. Share or clone we can't us however. 🙂

It's definitely great to see how you to master your short life. You like to tell but not so much like Timo, but tell you can already really good. With hands and feet "telling" your stories on your way.

And you can really make nonsense with you. I love that Yes! Your eyes, the mischievous grin or the hearty cackling light up in the. Really funny. You are and remain our 'sunshine'. 🙂

So, for the next 365 days!



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