It is then, that faith in a German airline. The crash of flight 4U9525 cruelly indicates that each "series" time comes to an end, and there is no 100% security. It weighs security because literally nothing happened decades, and then something like that.

Incredible also, what such a message with one even is. Why feels this crash somehow worse than all previous ones, in which no German airline was involved? Because you know people who have left behind as "Survivor"? The grief you can feel literally in the air?

Why made out personally less myself when crashed aircraft have transported Germans? Were their lives worth less? Not guaranteed! Was it because it was much "further away"? These questions deal with me. And again it comes over me, to feel the pain of the people, who have lost someone. I imagine intensely how painful it would be if people I know or love would have been sitting on the plane. I do that until it's tearing me inside and yet I know that this pain is only a fraction of, what "People" through.

That's my opinion for what it means to say that it is with the thoughts are with the families and friends of the victims. I'm not sure whether any politician so expresses the, that too has understood. But basically I believe that's really moving anyone in such dark themes and no one uses the suffering of others for his personal benefit.

I think the coverage in the media has been mixed. Clearly, there is a huge need for enlightenment and everyone wants to provide more background information. If but a newscast a correspondent asks what "death by 2 teachers means to this small town", then I wonder what to expect for some kind of answer to that question, and what information content then this answer will have.

In any case, I wish all relatives of the victims of enormous power for the next few days, weeks, months, or years. I can not grasp it, or let alone assess how long it mourns, one really has to process such an event. To cover this topic in words is difficult for even me… 🙁


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