Incredible how different the privacy is so lived and performed in Germany. I rather belong to the non-paranoid League and like to pass data from me.
But it's already blatantly, what for example about data be requested previously from medical specialists. And lump sum without knowing whether these infos are ever relevant.
At the moment, because I'm sitting in the waiting room and look at the leaves which I just filled out. Is already clear that some information for the upcoming investigation would be very helpful to me, but when I write the entire history in the waiting room, potentially at least 2 people can read (ok in my font probably rather not, but that does not count).
And this eternal completion of this "patient arches" is really annoying. If I that anyway "public" must fill you can go a step further and save the whole shebang on the electronic health card. That would be a real benefit for the small cards and a relief of the environment and the patient up. Not to mention the physician assistants and physicians who need to fill out. That will probably never come, because on the other side houses are pixelated, in Germany so that she can just find no one at Google StreetView.
Sometimes the people in this country are suspect to be fine.

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