The people of Pampers have you considered a great theme to this father's day. As the title says is the first moments that we experience every day with our children.
The other day, I was thinking funnily on exactly this subject.
The trigger was an incident in the kindergarten our "Big".
I came home and tini told me that I would just see a confession. I had to drill something, but then it came out: Timo peed in the Toberaum on a plush animal. When I asked him why, he said that his kindergarten friend (he called him in the context of "the stupid N.") said he finds the pink turtle full ugly and the Timo look on it to pee.
This was the first time that I had to explain to him, that it doesn't do, what other one say (excluding parents and educators). And that was definitely not the last time.

Of course, there are also really cool first moments. We are Yes currently on vacation and went with the bike the first time with two children by a city. Mika in the protective pendant, Timo but on his wheel. And he did so sovereign that, that we would be almost burst with pride.

But the first moments start directly after birth. The first time when the younger generation in the arm, which is still a special moment also for the second child.

The first football match, what we have looked with Timo was very funny. The game itself was not all that interesting, because there was Yes, chips, the obviously not to the food, but to the inhale were. What we were glad that the child in the connection has not passed 😉

I am definitely on the next first moments as the dry with Mika. Clearly I've seen already that with Timo (I was that, had to discover, then 8 times within half an hour with him on the toilet), but each child is so unique.

The video here shows many great first moments:

If you have experienced yourself great first moments with your kids, then she writes #ersteMomente me up in the comments with the Hashtag. See all commentators, I can lots a month's supply of Pampers Activ 2 x fit in size 4. So even skin in the keys. 😉


UPDATE: The deadline for comments is the 18.05.2015. It counts only comments with the Hashtag #ersteMomente.

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