This is already the second time that I'm affected directly by a strike. Once it was the railway, which has ensured that we went to Brussels not on Rails, but with a small bus (behind were all of the opinion that this was even better than train travel, by the way).

And so the strike the Erzieher(innen). Basically I underpaid this profession also clear. Somewhere I read that it is actually really worrying if one spends more on taking care of his car (master) as for the care of his children. This comparison is of course only if you look at the hourly rate. However that is my opinion in the right direction. Fact is, that the so-called 'social' professions are rather badly paid (at least that is my subjective impression). Is it because that the 'social' in our society no longer has the meaning it should have? I have unfortunately no reply, but it feels at least, as this could be a correct conclusion.

The fact is definitely that we once again miss the closeness to the grandparents, because that would be a big relief when grandma or Grandpa could jump for at least a few days. On the other hand, I am again happy that I am flexible with my employer, I can bypass the critical days with "Home Office". Even if that means the reverse, that the child not very educational, some hours before the TV "must be parked". 🙂

I'm also not sure whether the strike at all brings something (so I would like to believe) and to tell you the truth, I have not dealt also still at this time with the backgrounds (probably because I instinctively thought of the mess in the car, since I know until today not exactly why who goes on strike).  Maybe I will get to times that in the near future. On vacation we will not deal Yes actually with such topics (or is that the setting has resulted in less social society?). 😉

How do you deal with the strike?

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