We, so, tini and I have actually never drank coffee. Always just cappuccino, if you eat somewhere was and you got the offered. Or rather bland meetings, not completely in the deep sleep to end… 🙂

Sometime before 2 or 3 years, we have decided but to buy a coffee machine to can drink a delicious cappuccino even at home.
Ultimately we have bought us then a fully, we now like to use. However, we drink coffee without milk foam, but simply with a shot now milk straight into the Cup.

By chance we bought at some point fair trade store coffee in one. Although slightly more expensive, but was the idea, was something special that can be such a tiny piece, the unfair processes of globalization against.
The coffee tasted then even much better funnily, as the one we had before.

From then on there was trade coffee for us just yet fair. By Shaun, among others. Properly the coffee from the roaster Löper in Halberstadt has tasted good but us. Since our relationship has always delivered supplies or We ourselves which bought when we were there, we never arrived at the fix here in close after a Roastery to search.

Until this weekend…

Fortunately, Google has delivered a hit but directly in 3 km distance. So, we have our children on bicycles or used in the trailer and drove to Kaarst.

We were able to taste the coffee directly in the roasting and discussed in super. So if someone searches for even expert advice and good coffee, then he should take a look over at Carles coffee roasters. That is worthwhile in any case. And according to own people go there even one step further, as the 'normal' fair trade. You know farmers personally and give the margins of the trade in principle directly to the farmer.
For me, this is a classic win-win situation: we get good coffee, and at the other end of the world, someone deserves the appropriate money for it.

Where do you buy your coffee? Watch her on fair trade, or goes on greed is horny?

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