Unbelievable , how mad kids can be, if you try to use a blanket while you take them into the bed. I'm really so convinced that this is age-dependent. Unfortunately I'm couldn't go further with my "research" about that madness.

The fact is: Mika vehemently complains if you cover him with a blanket. And I'm not talking about a several kilos heavy duvet at 37 ° C, but a normal blanket, which one uses for the night, usually. He struggles it away, even when he is already sleeping, but not through the usual back – and forth turn overs at night, what both children like to do, but he comes to my observations, in a half sleep, kicking off the blanket and falls at sleep again. If you then repeatedly tried to cover him up he is of course awake and then "Alarm" is starting. 🙂

But I can hardly remember that Timo had a similar "Autism" at the same age. Unfortunately, I can not exactly say when it started and stopped. But now it is so that he gets half-asleep on the baby monitor, then as I punched in the children's bedroom of the Tarantula we flit (half cardiovascular collapse included, because you have really deep slept face a few seconds) then to hear: "Papa you may reveal to me please really?" 😉

While Timo so nicely snuggles with the ceiling (as any normal person), Mika roars off, as you would pour it boiling water on the legs when it touches the ceiling. Since both are "only" 3 years apart and I can't remember at the exact moment, when Timo has become accustomed to it, I still have hope that we succeed in this calendar year to cover both children in the evening with a blanket. 🙂

Have you can discover also such "spleens" with your kids? If so, then let us off but time parental blaspheme in the comment section below. (I tell anyone more ;-)).

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