Don’t let the headline irritate you, that blog will go on. 🙂

Nevertheless, this day comes to an end, and with it my birthday. And I was so proud, not to be at a doctor on my birthday as the last ones since I turned 30. 🙂

Well honestly, I was in the near of doctors, more precisely I was in the hospital. Tini had her surgery on Monday and asked for visits,
And with this day, my „3-day home alone with 2 kids“ ends, too.  Looking back these 3 days makes me happy. I enjoyed these days with my kids to the fullest. Of course it would have been nicer, if my soulmate had been with us, too.

Basically I was not nervous about the situation „alone with 2 kids, work and visits in the hospital). Mika has slept in his „new“ bed the whole night for 2 nights now. And if that’s not proof, that everything went well, I don’t know, what else.

The year comes to an end and with that hopefully the series of more serious deceases in our family. We’ve got this year: demolition of an shoulder jont, Cruciate Ligament Rupture and cancer in our family. That’s an awful mix of deseses and I’ll be happy if this ends with the start of the new year. However when one look at this more abstract, we had a lot of luck in the last years, so it was so clear, that we’ll be afflicted one day. And as far as  I understand it, that’s it.

So here are my 3 sunshines: on the left Timo, my wife Tini in the middle and Mika our youngest on the right:



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