Well, long time I thought about whether I also sign up and did it really. Otherwise you can do probably also a picture of it, what advantage this tool brings one. Until now
, I have to say, abides by the added value for me more than boundaries. In fact, you can with Twitter just do the same as here in the blog, only without pictures and with fewer characters (the limit is 140). I still don't know what exactly makes me, but maybe this will change one day again. In the blogs, was Yes as well, took a few years until time has shown a real use case for me. :-

) In any case can be read below right now because the Twitter messages. Maybe they disappear but also soon again 😉 up

date 10.07.2009: Got again the Twitter messages the user name, and so on down taken, because it always prompts, to enter. I can't do this to you my blog visitors. 🙂

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