I slammed today and bought a smart lens after years of consideration. During our RV vacation, I could ever test the Canon 100 mm 2.8 L macro because I had borrowed the part for a week. Because now again is a holiday and I last among travel again "blood leaked" have, I have decided with regard to photography, to buy the lens. At the moment, we watch only a child, but there are still so many things to do, therefore it was enough only for a few shots in (not) available light:

100mm 2.8 L macro test 1

100mm 2.8 L macro test 2

As I said, the light was rather modest (just nasty dark grey clouds are pulled it up) and the child has screamed a lot. The lower eye is tini, which has the reeling child on her arm, the sharpness is therefore not optimal there too. But I think it shows ever, where the trip would go. The macro range has always fascinated me, however, was to get things done just no reasonable image with the appearance of non-existent. The beauty of the lens, however, is that it also is suitable for portrait photography (I'm actually an avowed "people photographer", as they say).

Well let's see what pictures I so get with the new look, I think I am going to present some results here also.


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